What’s brought me here?


Caroline Snowdon


Empowering you to Transform your Life!

I promise you that I have been in your shoes! A woman over 40 who felt ‘stuck’, unhappy, anxious and somewhat confused about my identity and feeling that life needed a change in direction. I can promise you that I been confronted with my fair share of challenges and successes, both in my personal and professional life. All of which have led me to where I am now.

I married young – a mere 20! – and have remained married to the same man for nearly 40 years. He is my rock and soulmate and I have been blessed to have had such stability all these years.  However, I have had periods of depression and extreme anxiety during these years, which left me feeling vulnerable, scared and deeply unhappy, even though to the outside world my life seemed ‘perfect’.  This left me feeling guilty for feeling like this and so the vicious cycle starts!

My 30’s were a turbulent time in my life. I brought 2 children into the world and spent this decade juggling work and home – working for a market research company that was unfortunately undergoing some significant financial difficulties. This nearly caused the whole company to go under and at the same time, my co-director, mentor and friend, suddenly and unexpectedly passed away at the age of 42.

Whilst I found these experiences incredibly traumatic, there is no doubt that this led me to my next step, to move into self-employment in my late 30’s, something that bought me freedom, personal development and new possibilities.

Another significant stage in my journey, was in 2015 when my 22 year old daughter suddenly fell very ill.

Traditional western medicine failed to relieve her symptoms, so I was forced to explore alternative treatments. I have spent the last five years learning about the impact of stress on the body and helping her to overcome some significant, chronic health issues through a multi-pronged holistic approach.

Watching my daughter struggle for such a long time was incredibly tough, but it has inspired me to learn more about these alternative routes to health and well-being.

Throughout my life I have experienced bouts of anxiety, depression, uncertainty and stress and found going through the menopause a particularly challenging time.

As testing as they may have been at the time, all these experiences lead me to where I am now. It felt like a natural step to train to become a health and life coach, specialising in supporting women over 40. So in 2019, I completed my training with the Health Coach Institute.

I am now approaching my 60s and by implementing new, healthy habits, I am living a more fulfilled and vibrant life than ever before. Supporting women to reconnect to themselves and to reach their true potential, is something I am completely totally passionate about.