What is a Family Celebrant and why would you need one?

Well, if you are getting married, want to renew your wedding vows or want to name your precious baby but want something a bit different, bespoke and uniquely tailored to you, then I can help!

Standard wedding ceremonies conducted by a Registrar are fine, as are those conducted by a religious minister, but they are constrained by convention generally and they just don't have the time to really understand what type of ceremony you'd love to have that will be totally unique to you.  A celebrant, like me, will talk to you at length about every small detail that you'd like for your ceremony, whether that's the vows, the music, the readings and other 'unity' elements and also whether you'd like other family members or friends to be involved.  It's not unknown to include the family dog, as they are also an important part of the family!

I am passionate about the environment and nature, and I specifically specialise in ceremonies that are more 'natural', so outdoor venues or much less formal venues, like barns, which are more eco friendly than more standard places to have a wedding etc.

If you'd like to find out more about what a Family Celebrant does, how I work and what this might cost, please do get in touch.