Health & Well-being Coaching

What is Health & Well-being Coaching?

If you feel ‘stuck’ or know that you want to make some changes to your life and/or health but really don’t know where to start on your journey to be your best self, then health coaching may be your answer.

It does the following:

  • Helps you change habits with support and encouragement – without judgement
  • Allows you to see life through fresh eyes
  • Supports you to have the body and life you went and the healthy lifestyle that supports it
  • Makes it easy to follow through with what you already know you should be doing but don’t know how to get to your goal
  • Helps you build healthy habits that align with how you want to feel every day

Welche weg wir gehen?

How we work together

I offer Health & Life Coaching to mainly (but not exclusively!) to women over 40 who may need some help and support to make changes in their lives. With my support, you can achieve your goals and make long term transformational changes to your health and life.

We work together weekly or fortnightly usually on Skype/Zoom to work through your goals and then together, in a collaborative and non-judgmental way, we put a plan of action in place with enables you to make small, incremental changes that lead to BIG results! My mantra is – ‘small hinges, swing big doors’ and I have proven time and time again with clients that this is true! I will be there every step of the way to offer encouragement and support but also hold you accountable so that you achieve the life and health you want and deserve.

How Health Coaching can help you

Do any of these resonate with you? If so, Health & Life coaching can really help you to change! These are just examples of where it can empower you and transform your life.

  • Feeling overweight but don’t know how to get started and really don’t want to go on yet another diet
  • Lack energy and don’t know how to get your mojo back
  • Feeling stressed and anxious and feel overwhelmed with life’s demands
  • Struggle to get a good night’s sleep and feeling tired and cranky
  • Lost confidence in yourself and your abilities at home and at work
  • Your self esteem is low and you don’t know how to regain it again
  • You feel that your career isn’t lighting your fire but you don’t know how to get out of the rut
  • You just don’t feel like ‘you’ any more and don’t know how to find yourself
  • The joy of life has gone and you don’t know how to get it back
  • Your relationships seem flat and lack the sparkle they had in the past

Health Coaching packages

30 minute Discovery Session

When it comes to reaching your highest, true potential, there is no doubt that it is crucial to find the right coach for you. This is why I like to organise a convenient time to have a complimentary 30 minute call over Zoom/Teams. This is not a coaching call as such, but an opportunity to discuss your goals and ambitions and what I can do to help you achieve them. It is also a great opportunity to see if we are a good match for coaching.

This conversation will essentially help you to decide if you’d like to continue, and if so, which coaching package you’ll like to opt for.

This session will help you:

  • Discover what’s stopping you or slowing you down from being the very best version of yourself
  • Find a way forwards that is achievable AND sustainable

90 Day Total Transformation

In this 90-day transformational journey, we build on the Discovery Session and week by week, we will work together to put in place all the steps to help you achieve your goals and vision for yourself.  We will explore in depth what’s been holding you back from having the health and life you deserve and help you break habits and beliefs which are keeping you stuck.  This will be YOUR journey of discovery, with me guiding and supporting you all the way.

Each session lasts an hour and will be on Skype/Zoom.

After each session, you will receive an email from me outlining what we’ve talked about, your achievements and your action plan for the following week.

Price – £960 (payment plans are available)

30 Day Springboard to Transformation

If you’d like to try out coaching for 4 sessions, just to see if it’s the right thing for you, then Springboard may be just what you need!  Or maybe you have something very specific that you’d like to work on and 4 sessions might be enough to really help you make some significant changes, then this would be a good start.

You will still need to have a Discovery Session in order to establish whether coaching is right for you and the hour long sessions will be on Skype/Zoom. You will also receive the follow up emails after each session as with the 90 Day Total Transformation package.

Price – £300

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