"Thanks to Caroline, I now have a set of sustainable habits and behaviours in my personalised "tool kit" that have already transformed my approach to my health and wellness, and that will accelerate my journey towards my goals. Thank you, Caroline!"


"I’d recommend anyone who is considering a change or wanting something different, or more, out of life to have a chat with Caroline. Thank you, Caroline, it has been enlightening and lovely to work with you."


"Overall, I feel more confident, energised and positive. It has been a very successful and life-changing experience. I believe that when you’re finally ready to face the lessons, the right person will appear and appeal! You do have to take that leap of faith though. I would wholeheartedly recommend Caroline’s health coaching process to anyone willing to take that leap. She’s a highly competent, accepting and safe person to do the catching."


"I hadn’t experienced Reiki before and found it hugely relaxing in itself, as a treatment, and also beneficial after the treatment, in terms of improved sleep and a general sense of calm and order."